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Hello everyone,

It is nice to see such an international presence!

Here is a question I got asked a few times: how can foreign-trained doctors join the health work-force (as a junior doctor i.e., not a specialist/consultant/attending) in New Zealand?

As a general rule, graduates of NZ, Australian and UK/Irish universities are able to work in NZ with very few pre-requisites. Graduates of universities from certain countries (e.g., USA, Canada, Singapore and most European countries) can work in NZ (without the need for additional exams) if they have worked as a medical doctor in their home-country for 3-4 years immediately prior. Graduates from other countries, and those who have not practised medicine in more than 4 years, are required to pass the NZREX Clinical Examination or the USMLE.

The above allows you to work as a resident doctor (i.e., house officer, registrar, resident), but does NOT guarantee being in a training programme, which is a separate process in and of itself. To apply for a training programme, the applicant (whether NZ or foreign-trained) needs to apply to the appropriate College (e.g., Royal Australasian College of Surgeons). Almost all training Colleges require the applicant to be a NZ or Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen (the notable exception being applicants to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians).

How can foreign-trained doctors apply to work and/or train in your country?