Question normal

Terrific threads of conversation here and it is all quite insightful and thought provoking. I am curious of what this community thinks of some methods of culture change. My two thoughts: 1.)leadership setting the tone for learning environments by embracing our human vulnerabilities and prioritizing conversations about them. I have found it both inspiring and empowering when I hear my role models speak of their own navigation through challenges and the lessons they have learned. These stories help build community and allow for pauses to recognize these vulnerabilities throughout the busy cadence of our days. 2.) I am strongly in favor of making a wellness related comment or assessment the very first question on every learner evaluation by a supervisor, with the hope that this prompts us to prioritize this element of the learning environment just as strongly as we build other competencies. In essence, the entrustable clinical learner and future leader is one that is well and activates this in others. If we always lead off our assessments with this notion or at least fold this into each evaluation domain, perhaps it will drive further cultural change ? What do you think?