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Based on our work with physicians and trainees at The Ottawa Hospital, Dr. Kerri Ritchie, the other Canadian on this panel, and I, have compiled out favorite Resiliency Tips . Tell us what you think....
Top resiliency tips (1 to 6):

1 The basics: sleep well, eat well, and exercise (as much as your schedule allows!).
2. Be compassionate to others – and to yourself. Research has shown that compassion might stimulate the vagus nerve, which lowers your blood pressure and heart rate, and makes people feel more at ease.
3. Gratitude. Being thankful and returning kindnesses can benefit your health. Take time to send a thank-you note, or surprise someone by paying it forward. Gratitude is contagious!
4.Laughter triggers biological mechanisms that improve both your physical and mental health. If you’re feeling brave, try laughter yoga.
5. Take time to breathe, especially during an emergency situation or a busy day. Full, deep breaths help your brain fully process information.
6. Unplug. We constantly react to the technology around us as it beeps and vibrates for attention. Make a conscious decision when you are busy to designate specific times to check and respond to email and text messages.