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I'll share my experiences with buying hardware items for this question. There are times that I go to to my local "mom and pop" store for specific items that I know they have and will pay a little more for, since it is faster to find them there than at the Home Depot. Sometimes I'll go to Home Depot, because my local store doesn't have the items or the price is worth the hassle of going to a bigger store. Other times, I'll order an item online, because I can wait for delivery and can't be bothered with going to a store to get the item.
Can the same be said for patient needs? If so, is it realistic to expect a practice be able to respond to all varieties of patient needs, or is there a case for supporting practices or health care organizations that address specific niches, such as retail-based practices (Minute Clinic, etc.), telemedicine practices, or direct patient care or retainer practices?