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These 5 patients were highly heterogenous in terms of VT burden; 3 had 30 or less episodes whereas the other two had thousands of episodes prior to the procedure. Of the 3 patients with low VT burden, 2 remained arrhythmia free off-drug and one patient had burden reduction on amiodarone. It is not clear if there was any improvement in VT burden in patient # 4 (with 2210 episodes at baseline) prior to catheter ablation.
Also, as it appears, the 46-patient month (when the 99.9% relative reduction of VT burden is reported) was mostly contributed by the first 3 patients.
Does that mean, 1) this procedure is potentially beneficial only in patients with low VT burden at baseline and 2) the off-drug success rate (freedom from VT) was 40% (2 of the 5 cases)?
Lastly, although VT reduction was observed in some, the fatal stroke incidence with unclear causality is concerning