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3. The reduction of VT burden is impressive but overall in line with what shown with catheter based procedures. The problem is that most studies with catheter ablation have reported the results as freedom from any VT recurrence (not burden) - if we look at the effect with radiotherapy using “freedom from any VT” as the endpoint and excluding recurrences in the “blanking period” 3/5 patients had recurrent VT (one had to cross-over to repeat ablation) and 1/5 died before the end of the blanking period so long-term follow-up could not be assessed. Therefore, the true success rate using “freedom from any VT” as the endpoint (consistently with what commonly used for catheter-based VT ablation studies) seems of 1/4 cases (25%). Based on this, do you think in the future we will be considering this therapy only as a “bailout” strategy after proven inability to achieve VT control with catheter ablation procedures?