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70 years old male patient who had history of intermittent cludication and had carotid stenting in 2007. He is diabetic hypertensive and smoker fr 40 years with 40 cigrates per 2r hours.
He had 100 percent stenosis of abdominal aorta which was the cause of cludication beside that had 100 percent stenosis of left internal carotid artery and right internal carotid was more thn 95 percent so he had carotid stenting and nw there is stenosis of 65 percent. He had all these procedure back in 2007.
Since than he is on loprin 75mg od
Lowplat 75mg od
And pletaal 100mg od
Diovan 80mg od
Concor 2.5mg od
Lipiget 20mg hs
My question is what is the role of cilostazole in periphral vascular oculusive disease and this pt is on double anti coauglant since 2007 so should he be on all these drugs like lowplat loprin and pletaal.
There are no active complains he is hving good colatrals and can walk easily.