Question normal

Patient 59 years old lady diagnosed as diabetic and hypetensive since 20 years and on oral hypiglycemic medicstions and ARBs and Ca channel blicker.
She had critical lesion in RCA and had stenting back in 2015 and put on herbessor 90mg bid doseand diovan 80mg od.
Since a week she is having shortness of breath at evening time only and bp dsily drop to 80/40 or 90/ 60 at evening time and at dsy time she is having bp of 110/70 and no shortness of breath.
I hv stopped her arb and ca channel blocker and asked thm to check bp daily for a week.
Her labs are normal and echo shws EJ 55 %
With grade 1 diasytolic dysfynction.
What else ww can do regarsing her case and what could b the case of low bp at evening time only.