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Would like to get your opinion on the management of type 2 myocardial infarction (T2 MI). I have seen many cases of T2 MI secondary to sepsis for instance in the medical wards. The cardiology team will always advise to treat the underlying cause in these cases. I have also seen cases where patients receive anticoagulation, i.e. low molecular weight heparin as part of the treatment.

1. Is there any role for anticoagulation in T2 MI?
2. How about antiplatelet and lipid lowering therapy in T2 MI?
3. After recovering from the acute insult/ trigger, i.e. sepsis secondary to pneumonia, does the patient require any cardiology follow up or investigation (echocardiogram, stress testing)? My understanding is these patient group may not have a stenotic/ culprit lesion but they still have high cardiovascular risk.