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As a resident in a medicine department I see a lot of patients with heart failure and one of my doubt is how to manage optimally the diuretic therapy at the discharge at home.
Beyond to advise to check weight every day, be aware of subtle modification of symptoms, as dyspnea, and appearance of edema what do you think it’s the best approach for the patients with systolic and diastolic heart failure?
Do you always discharge a patient with a diagnosis of heart failure with home diuretic therapy or it depends on the echocardiographic data and symptoms?
Remaining on the topic, do you think that Aldosterone inhibitor used as potassium spared diuretics in patients in treatment with other diuretics at risk for hypokalemia exert any benefit if in those patients there are no clear indications for their use (as FE <35% despite optimal guide line medical therapy)?
Thank you very much