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As a follow up to Rachel Bishop's excellent question regarding medical education reform to address disparities, I would love to hear stories, ideas, and hopes for innovative inter-professional education (IPE) models that address the health disparities that we strive to combat along our nursing, social work, PT/OT, pharmacy, and health administrator colleagues, to name a few! In their April 2015 article "Reducing health disparities in underserved communities via interprofessional collaboration across health care professions" in the Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare, Vanderbilt et al. reviewed the WHO's call in 1978 and the IOM's call in their 2001 Report "Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century" for interprofessional collaboration on solving population health needs. Vanderbilt et al. highlighted two interprofessional education programs at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine aimed specifically at reducing health disparities. I recently participated in one such program, the Camden Coalition Interprofessional Student Hotspotting Learning Collaborative (