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Thank you to our Experts and Dr. Saadi for the rich discussion so far! One response to Dr. Saadi's question about individual action items might be that each physician has a responsibility as a patient advocate to empower patients to advocate for themselves as well. Is it our role as individual physicians to point out to our patients the health disparities they may face, and encourage actions they can take individually or collectively to combat these disparities? I think of the Patient Navigation movement as one patient-driven effort to reduce health care disparities as outlined by Dr. Karen Freund in her February 2011 review in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, "Patient Navigation: The Promise to Reduce Health Disparities" in which she highlights the role played by patient navigation programs that actively addressed the social, emotional, logistical, and financial concerns surrounding a new breast cancer diagnosis in reducing well-known disparities in screening mammography. ( Could we highlight successful patient-driven initiatives to combat health disparities?