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Thank you all who participated in this great discussion! I know I picked up a lot of pearls about the research. To wrap up, I'd love to hear your thoughts about where we go from here with regards to sepsis bundles for these earliest care elements.

The results of this study suggest that timing matters for the basics of sepsis care (i.e. sepsis identification and the administration of antibiotics). No doubt these findings will be used to support the broader implementation of similar 3-hour sepsis bundles in EDs nationwide.

Is the 3-hour sepsis bundle ready for 'prime time?' Do we know enough about the potential downstream effects (e.g. increased antibiotic resistance from less precise antibiotic administration) or the population that stands to benefit (e.g. ED vs. ward/ICU)? Is a trial of 3-hour bundle vs. usual care needed--and is their sufficient equipoise to perform one?