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CDC recently recommended IgM testing prior to conception for women living in areas of active Zika transmission, or with frequent unavoidable travel to these areas. The goal is to document baseline IgM results, and guide interpretation of later IgM testing in pregnancy. In our practice, we are still not offering pre-conception testing to women who do not live in endemic areas. Is this how you are interpreting this guidance as well?

In addition, many patients ask about IgG testing to document prior infection. We counsel them about 1) cross reactivity between assays for Zika and other flaviviruses; 2) lack of information about protective immunity, even if prior Zika infection is certain (as per your previous answers), and 3) lack of available IgG assays (currently we can only order IgM testing, with plaque-reduction neutralization testing only available as confirmation of positive IgM results). Is there any work ongoing to develop a more specific, stand-alone Zika virus IgG assay?

What other work is ongoing in Zika virus testing about which patients and providers should be aware?