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My name is Ari Moskowitz and I'm a Pulm/Critical Care fellow with a research interest in sepsis. I think this is a great topic and I look forward to a lively discussion! I would like to especially welcome our experts who will be providing valuable insight into this article which can be on the 'About' page.

This is an exciting topic and there is a lot to dig into. We'll get into the details of the article itself over the next 10-days.

To start though, I'm hoping our experts can provide context on where this study fits in the broader discussion of protocolized sepsis care. While the EGDT trial by Rivers et. al. (NEJM, 2001) is widely credited with raising awareness for early sepsis identification/intervention, there is less clarity regarding the need for sepsis protocols in current practice. In particular, the recent ProCESS, ARISE, and ProMISe trials found no benefit (and potential harm, PRISM) of protocolized vs. usual care.

What are the potential benefits and harms of protocols in sepsis management? What knowledge gap in our understanding of protocolized sepsis management does the present study fill?