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This past week, a number of Democrats in the House and Senate introduced the Improving Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs Act. It covers a lot of ground: Title I, Transparency; Title II, Access and Affordability; Title III, Innovation; Title IV, Choice and Competition.

In other words, it aggregates a bunch of ideas that have been circulating around how to address pharma access and cost issues, e.g.: permitting Medicare to negotiate prices, allowing HHS OIG to investigate price spikes (hi Martin Shkreli!), requiring pharma companies to report R&D investment, drug reimportation, shifting duals from Medicare back to Medicaid drug coverage, a $2 billion innovation prize to encourage novel antibiotic development, and more.

A brief summary can be found here:

For an excellent analysis, I recommend Rachel Sachs' assessment of the bill, here:

On the merits, what are the strongest/weakest ideas in this bill? More importantly, what is politically feasible?