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Again, I want to emphasize understanding job prospects, where we are, and where we will be--and things change rapidly.

When I was training 7-10 years ago, my friends went into radiation oncology (because they loved the patients, but also) thinking it would be a cush job with a great salary. I joined a few of those friends at their annual conference a few months ago, and they are telling me that there's now too many radiation oncologists, and they are currently underpaid and can't find new jobs.

On the other hand, though still earning less that specialists, primary care salaries have increased the most over the last few years:

As we can see from my own personal experience, I'm pretty happy working in primary care right now (as opposed to my training in nephrology).

Of note, those are ridiculously high salaries quoted in the article. If those are really true, maybe I'll revisit moving away from Boston again...