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Interesting discussion from the panel. The posts so far point to the need for interventions to address knowledge, trust, spirituality, health literacy, and language--all areas which are frequently discussed in considering strategies for improving care for racial and ethnic minorities. Dr. McAfee's work points to the knowledge gap between minority and majority populations with respect to ACP. I love Dr. Prigerson's post about the use of "peers" because I think that this is a way to address deficits in knowledge by using trusted agents with previous experience. This reminds me of what I have learned from hospice providers who are working to reach out to minority communities. Many believe that the most effective messengers are patients and family members who have used their services and who share their experiences with others.

My question today is based on Dr. Chung's comments about language and health literacy which are both so important.
What is the role of front-ling healthcare providers (all disciplines) in reducing disparities in EOL care? Which healthcare provider-level interventions are needed to address EOL care disparities?