Question special

We have spoken about the effect that inaccurate assumptions we create or others have of us may complicate/create conflict in the workplace. Meridale described how we can easily ascend the ladder of inference and make incorrect assumptions about others and the rationale behind behavior. How can we avoid inaccurately making assumptions about others and having others make inaccurate assumptions about us? A few practical options: 1) make your thought processes visible to others so the rationale behind your behavior is clear 2) invite others to test your assumptions 3) value a diversity of inputs and ask people why they think the given facts lead to the stated conclusion, both when you agree and when you disagree 4) if you find yourself reacting negatively to a colleague, ask yourself what assumptions you have made about the etiology of their behavior and reflect on if the conclusions you have drawn are indeed correct 5) if all else fails, persistently and consistently turn to wonder - "I wonder why this is so" and actively seek out alternative explanations for the events that you observe