Question special

Before the 20th century -- i.e., for nearly all of human recorded and non-recorded history -- people got sick and were cared for in their home, or tent... or cave. The doctor or tribal healer came to the patient.

Is the combination of telehealth, consumerism, and the Internet of Things rapidly taking us back to the future where nearly all elements of care -- from diagnosis, to consultation, to treatment -- can be carried out from the home?

Will blue-tooth connected sensors and wearables replace stethoscopes and medical-grade monitoring devices?

Will microlabs-on-a-chip replace phlebotomist blood draws and industrial labs?

Will 1-2 hour Amazon-like home drug delivery make the modern day pharmacy obsolete?

Will hospitals be relegated to operating rooms and ICUs as more and more care returns to the home?

This won't happen overnight, but all of the above can easily happen within our working lifetimes...