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Today is the last day of the Sepsis III forum. I want to thank everyone who participated and especially our experts who took the time to respond in-depth to a number of these important questions. This forum definitely gave me some food for thought!

Some of the main take-aways that I had were:
- The ultimate goal of a sepsis 'definition' is one that performs well across clinical, research, and regulatory domains
- Sepsis III definitions should be considered separately from the sepsis III clinical criteria
- Sepsis III clinical criteria were derived to be predictors of mortality. It remains to be seen if/how they should be integrated into clinical practice
- The jury is still out on which patients should have lactate measured. Choose wisely or miss nobody?
- Sepsis III is a step along the way. Better tools are needed to stratify subpopulations of septic patients based on clinical/biologic factors

What did you take-away from this discussion? Moving forward, what do you think are the current research priorities in sepsis?