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A recent study from the Robert Wood Johnson foundation looked at antidepressants and found huge variation in prescription drug formulary accessibility, coverage, and transparency. Recently, the Dept of HHS began investigating bad behavior among some insurers who were placing HIV/AIDS drugs in high tiers (e.g. more expensive, difficult to access) to discriminate against this patient population. Some recommendations to prevent this include: requiring plans to list the estimated price to enrollee and setting an upper limit on costs for "protected conditions." Do you think there will be significant improvements in formulary transparency in the near future? What are the biggest hurdles? It seems like once insurers accept that they really need to get better at managing risk for all patients (as they can no longer cherry pick beneficiaries thanks to the ACA!), they should WANT consumers to understand more about how much medications will cost them to help them make smarter financial choices, increase compliance, and help them be able to plan their medical expenses better. Do you think things get better? Who will fight it and why?