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Welcome everyone, to this open forum Medstro discussion on the recently published article, "Survival Benefit with Kidney Transplants from HLA-Incompatible Live Donors." My name is Ariana and I'll be moderating this conversation for the next 10 days. I want to start by thanking the generous authors, Dr. Orandi and colleagues, for allowing us to have an in-depth dialogue about their landmark study, which showed that patients who received kidney transplants from HLA-incompatible live donors had a substantial survival benefit over both patients who did not undergo transplantation and patients who waited for transplants from deceased donors. Additionally, I want to thank all of the experts who are donating their time to provide invaluable insights as we explore this topic more thoroughly as a group. And, of course, thank you to our guests for following this discussion. I welcome everyone to post questions over the next 10-days and sincerely hope that this forum will be an interactive place where we can explore a wide breadth of topics related to organ transplant including, but not limited to: the history of transplant, the process of transforming outcomes research into meaningful policy