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Thank you to everyone for such great comments, especially our authors, Dr. Dreyfuss and Dr. Gaudry. Our discussion continues through tomorrow evening, so continue to post any questions & comments you may have.

Drawing upon a conversation I had with Dr. Steed, a pediatric critical care fellow here at BJH/WUSM, and upon Dr. Dreyfuss' responses to the last thread, I wanted to ask everyone about your approaches to selecting a uniform study population.

In this study, a choice was made to enroll fairly ill patients (KDIGO 3) rather than the KDIGO 2 patients enrolled in the ELAIN trial. What was your rationale for this decision? Did you feel that this choice helped you address your questions, or did it make the study more difficult?

For all other visitors and experts, what has your experience been like selecting a study population? Is there anything you would have done differently? In this paper only about 11% of the screened patients with AKI underwent randomization. Have you found similar studies to have similar yields?