Question special

Dr. Farrell, in an earlier post, it seemed you suggested that the cost of Step 2 CS is acceptable because, "in reality," doctors have to pay board examination fees throughout their careers. Surely there must be a better argument for Step 2 CS than this?

Nobody disagrees with the statement that doctors must maintain our skills in order to care for patients. But in fairness, you graduated medical school in 1990 and didn't take Step 2 CS. If you (or any doctor) graduated before 2004 and haven't taken this exam, and haven't demonstrated clinical competency via a national examination, can we really be certain of your clinical skill set?

Of course, I say this tongue in cheek. You practice with Partners and have been vouched for by your peers, by the virtue that you have been granted clinical privileges, and by your patients. Why, then, are medical schools unable to vouch in the same capacity for their graduating students to eliminate the need for this exam? Why do we not trust Harvard University, but trust Partners, The Brigham, and MGH?