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An article landed in my inbox yesterday, titled "Whose City Is This? The Promise and Peril of Gentrification." []. It "examines how housing and community development experts create that 'just right' mix of investment that will improve neighborhoods so everyone benefits," per the authors at the Build Healthy Places Network.

In this article, the authors highlight the use of "health impact assessments" to better understand the impact of a proposed development on a community, and in particular to guide investments in such a way that residents from all income levels can benefit. A few examples from Boston are given in this article, "Investing with Health in Mind," also by the folks at BHPN. []

How have you seen gentrification affect the children and families in your practice or community? What role(s) can or should we have in community development discussions, as community members and professionals who care and advocate for vulnerable children? Have any of our experts participated in health impact assessments, in particular those designed to inform community development projects or major decisions about housing, zoning, etc?