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Lead Moderator

Thank you all for your thoughtful and dynamic participation in this discussion thus far! Multiple discussants have underscored the point that health, poverty, and social policies are all tightly intertwined, and that addressing the health effects of child poverty necessitates an openness to collaborating with partners in and outside of medicine. Dr. Zuberi raised the fantastic idea of "cross-disciplinary & professional groups that advocate around issues such as child poverty," and I wonder, to what extent do these exist in your communities? Where are they based? Who participates? What is their focus (knowledge/resource sharing? local policy change? collaborative projects?) What actions do they take?

In particular, can anyone share experiences collaborating with local schools, school nurses, or teachers, around issues facing children in poverty? Can school-based health clinics serve as a bridge between the medical and education silos, and how can educators and clinicians collaborate to better serve children and families in poverty?