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Welcome, everyone, to this NEJM Open Forum on Dr. Perri Klass' Perspective piece, "Saving Tiny Tim--Pediatrics and Childhood Poverty in the United States." I want to begin by thanking our author, Dr. Klass, and our fantastic panel of experts for participating! We have a wonderful variety of perspectives here, and I look forward to engaging with all of you over the next several days.

In her perspective piece, Dr. Klass highlights the far-reaching ill effects of poverty on child health, as well as the unique position of pediatricians as fierce advocates for mitigating those damaging effects. She suggests that clinicians passionate about reducing childhood poverty are charged with multiple tasks---not only being aware and understanding of issues facing vulnerable families, as well as screening and providing relevant referrals to services, but also working toward systemic changes that can improve financial stability for children and their parents overall. I would like to begin by inviting reflections from our experts on your experiences tackling these multiple tasks, particularly the latter one. What do you feel are the most promising approaches from a clinical or community-level?