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As a member of the first class MFM fellowships training program I have enjoyed putting in practice the skill and knowledge I have acquired in solving high-risk pregnancy problems. Having spent most of my medical career in private practice and made my contribution by preventing preterm births in majority of my high-risk group. I am in particular interested in any parameters that can reflect the impact by sub specialty on the quality of human reproduction. I am aware that maternal mortality has been rising as well as the premature birth rate has increased over decades. What concerns me the most is the perpetuation of the myth that miscarriage and preterm birth are not preventable. Prematurity is the leading cause of neonatal and infant mortality and disability. Although our Neonatal colleagues have made tremendous progress treating the preemies, our Obstetrical colleagues failed to reduce preterm birth rate. I would appreciate panel members shedding some light on problems and process and solutions as it regards maternal-fetal medicine impact on quality of the production.