Question special

There has been a lot of lovely discussion on the causes of burnout, and addressing the "symptom" given the difficulty addressing root problems.
I try to be a positive resource for my peers I admit when I am overwhelmed, and talk about the myriad of ways I try to preserve my own mental health, to make the conversation less taboo.
Where I cannot seem to intervene is up against the embittered attending ("This is how it is, and how it always will be") and the exhausted senior resident (who is too tired or beaten down to provide good role modeling). The hierarchy of medicine discourages students or other early trainees from getting involved -- either for fear of grading, or speaking out of place. Yet I worry that mentality just buys in to the hidden curriculum. Because I am part of the culture of medicine, I feel that I can change that culture -- but I have a very short soapbox and a very quiet bullhorn. How can we empower students and residents to change the environment -- or is it all just a bandaid on bigger issues?