Question special

Who do you work for? What is the most important thing you have to satisfy to keep your practice open? If the answer to those questions was your patient- then there would be no dilemma. Many physicians answer to that question is the insurance company/Medicare. Physicians have several minutes of administrative work to do like: checking boxes, searching for codes, creating documentation specifically to get paid, etc and the average face time with a physician is only several minutes. So, where is the mental energy and time for patient care in the exam room? Where is the time for education? There really is only one answer: to restore the patient-physician relationship and ease the Doctor’s Dilemma all other entities besides the patient need to be kicked out of the exam room. There should not be a voice in your left ear telling you “don’t order the brain MRI-even if you think you should –because it will hurt your ACO cost rating and thus your pocketbook."
We have practiced in a Direct Primary Care Model for 15 years, have not received one dime of insurance payments, and have never met a burned out DPC physician.