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If duty hours are to be changed - let them not be for the sake of resident education. I say if patients are equally safe and residents are happier then what is the trouble? The age old discussions regarding duty hours and surgical resident education in my view is a little irrelevant. It is not the number of hours spent in a hospital that defines my education, but what I am doing during the time spent. As an example in a recent rotation I was working a sweet 70 hours a week and in 10 weeks managed 140 defined cases (with all the peri-operative and outpatient condiments). In another rotation I was working 110 hours, sorry- 80 hours a week and just performed 39 cases. For a senior resident -where am I learning more? We have to find the best balance of patient safety and resident satisfaction then become efficient in the way surgical residents are taught. The notion that residents will learn more by 'just being around' more is in my view an archaic thought process.