Question special

As we wrap up, I'd like to touch on the topic of couples matching. Though I feel relatively lucky to be applying in the supportive fields of IM/Primary Care (me) and Psychiatry/Adolescent Psych (husband), the entire process has had an added layer of stress as we attempt to navigate around our "two body problem." Though I have some initial thoughts, I was wondering how the Experts view Couples Matching in terms of the "burden and consequences."

The specific consequences I'm aware of include, but are not limited to...
- the increased application burden (I applied to at least 5 programs I would not have considered if I hadn't been couples matching, and interviewed at 3 of them; similarly, I cancelled interviews at 2 programs I would have liked because my husband had no offer in those cities)
- how this is compounded when one person applies into a very competitive field; I met a woman on the trail who had applied to >80 internal medicine programs so she could match with her fiancée in either optho or urology
- the amount of emotional distress when dream cities don't match up, and couples must determine whose first choice goes first.

Thanks for all the great discussion thus far