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We’ve touched on a number of important factors that affect not only adolescent bariatric surgical care, but also some that affect adult metabolic/bariatric surgical care as well. These factors include (1) lack of data examining long term effectiveness/outcomes data in adolescents, (2) provider and/or patient opinions/biases, (3) funding for these types of procedures, (4) fear of unintended/unknown “problems” long-term.

The childhood obesity epidemic is continuing to worsen and doesn't appear to be reversing any time soon. It's very disheartening to hear my colleagues talk about adolescents with fatty liver disease, intractable sleep apnea, or other obesity-associated conditions - and scary to think about these children having 20 years of these complications and still being under 40 years of age.

How do YOU see the field of adolescent metabolic/bariatric surgical care changing in the near future?