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As mentioned in the article, the remission rate of diabetes of 95% as well as resolution of hypertension in 80% of adolescents are much higher than studies examining gastric bypass in adult cohorts. The authors state that adolescents have a greater potential to benefit from a cardiometabolic perspective than adults. From a physiological perspective, I completely agree that it makes sense that individuals with a shorter duration of metabolic illness make a more complete recovery.

Can we attribute these benefits in adolescents merely having a shorter duration of illness or being “less sick” compared to adults? Could there potentially be other mechanisms at work?

Also, for the adult physicians/surgeons in the expert panel of the discussion... is Teen-LABS the proof-of-concept study that demonstrates that metabolic surgical procedures should be offered to individuals at lower BMI before they age and become sicker and potentially refractory to the benefits of the operations?