Question normal

1. The patient carries a diagnosis of chronic Hepatitis B for which she is on entecavir.
2. Sotalol is a chronic medication taken for a prior arrhythmia of unclear significance with limited data available.
3. On exam, there is no jaundice or asterixis. Jugular venous pressure was difficult to assess secondary to body habitus. However, it was not clearly elevated at this time. She did have bilateral 2+ pitting edema.
Laboratory evaluation was notable for the following:

Sodium 123
Potassium 4.7
Chloride 90
Blood urea nitrogen 16
Creatinine 0.83
Glucose 441
Magnesium 1.8
Lactate 1.1
Alkaline phosphatase 105
Total bilirubin 1.2
Albumin 2.5

White blood cell count 7.95 (75% neutrophils, 8% lymphs, 5% monos, 11% eosinophils)
hemoglobin of 7.1
hematocrit of 21.5
platelets of 206
INR 1.5

Most recent HbA1C 7.4%
Thyroid-stimulating hormone 2.43
NT-proBNP: 2085
Hepatitis B Viral Load: 39
Urinalysis was negative for leukocyte esterase and nitrites with trace ketones and 3+ glucose.

Blood cultures showed no growth to date.

EKG showed normal sinus rhythm at a rate of 70, no ST changes

Chest radiograph showed clear lungs without focal consolidations with stable enlargement of the bilateral central pulmonary arteries. No effusions or pneumothorax was seen.