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There were 75,923 hospital births vs 3,203 out of hospital--1968 were planned home and 1235 planned birth centre. Perinatal mortality rates births completed to planned site, after adjustment, reported as 3.9/1000 out-of-hospital vs 1.8/1000 for hospital. Rounding out the numbers, I get about 12 perinatal deaths for out-of-hospital vs 38 for hospital. We can assume the hospital rates were accurate as to classification. But for the 12 perinatal deaths in the out-of-hospital group, it seems to me that there remain many opportunities for misclassification. These include mistakes by those who filled out the birth certificate, women who were determined to stay out of hospital even if they had risk factors that would mitigate against home birth, women who actually had an unattended birth and others. It seems to me that a handful of such misclassifications would eliminate the reported statistical significance between the planned birth locations.