Question special

This question is being directed to Dr. Snowden. I wonder how he and his coauthors are feeling about how some of the leaders OB/GYN are using the results of their study? The chief at Boston Lying-in Hospital said (paraphrasing), that now based on the Oregon study, we now have quality information on a woman's choice between her self-realization and personal birth plans, and her baby’s possible death. They presented the Oregon study as definitively showing that if a mother selects home birth, she cares more about herself than her baby. I am waiting to hear next that her decision is tantamount to child abuse. In my opinion, the study is being used by some to further a political agenda. I am sure that the investigators did not intend such unprofessional responses to happen, and I hope that they will try to set the record straight as to what the study can and cannot say about out-of-hospital births in Oregon and Nationally.