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Thank you for your responses to the first question. Now, for Day 2, I would like to delve into the dosing of adnexanet alfa. In the study, the participants received apixaban 5mg BID for 3.5 days, followed by adnexanet alfa 3 hours after the last dose. Adnexanet alfa was given as a 400mg bolus (part 1) or a 400mg bolus followed by a 4mg/min continuous infusion for 120 minutes (part 2). The rivaroxaban study was performed in a similar manner with participants receiving rivaroxaban 20mg daily for 4 days and adnexanet alfa 4 hours after the last dose, but participants received twice the dose of adnexanet alfa.

Dr. Crowther, can you please explain why there are different doses of adnexanet alfa for the different DOACs? Furthermore, patients treated for acute VTE are treated with rivaroxaban 15mg BID for 21 days and apixaban 10mg BID for 7 days. It seems that the dose of adnexanet in this study would not apply to patients who are on these higher doses.