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The current study demonstrated an overall response rate of 25% for Nivolumab compared to 5% for Everolimus. In patients who responded to Nivolumab, 48% had ongoing response. Furthermore, 31% of responders had ongoing response greater than 12 months, including a small group of patients who were off treatment. McDermott et al. noted a similar observation when they reported the long-term outcome of patients with advanced RCC treated with Nivolumab (McDermott et al, JCO 2015). In their study, 3 out of 5 patients continued to have a response for >45 weeks, despite being off treatment. Could the authors or experts elaborate on why some patients have such an impressive response from Nivolumab or IO agents, even when they are off treatment? Is there a way we can select for these patients (ie durable responders)?