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Very interesting study, congratulations. All my patients are asking about it. I had a few questions about how this study will map onto current practice and managing expectations in the short term. (1) all these patients were tested quite some time after they had started treatment, is that right? None of them had real time testing? Is real time testing now being performed at the authors centres and if so are you doing it by panel testing or NGS, and how much does this cost? (2) in the final paragraph there is an interesting discussion about platinum sensitivity. Do you have any sense of how olaparib and PARP sensitivity might overlap? Have they ever been compared head to head? From lab data, is it true to say that cells which are resistant to platinum also become resistant to PARP inhibition?
Thanks for your time and congratulations on a great piece of work. I am certainly going to refer more of my patients to genetics for germline BRCA2 testing.