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Lead Moderator

As our discussion draws to a close, I want to thank the authors and all of our contributing experts for their contributions to this conversation. It has been a pleasure to moderate this discussion!

Over the past 10 days we've discussed the current state of the physical exam and the evidence base for its efficacy (or lack thereof). We've explored how the physical exam relates (or doesn't relate) to preventive care and the doctor-patient relationship, and who should take charge of bringing about positive change. And of course, we've spent much time discussing what changes on this front would be most beneficial for our patients and our healthcare system.

And so, on our final day, we turn to the question of what to do next. What can be done now to start bringing about the improvements we've discussed? What are some concrete steps that caregivers, policymakers, and/or health system leaders can undertake to begin the process of reforming or replacing the physical?