Question special

I don't know if it's a breach of etiquette for a panelist to post a question, but I thought I would break the ice. I enjoyed reading both Perspectives. I fall more in the "con" camp (see

One challenge is how to get the word out to the public, who are accustomed to this yearly ritual. We got a taste of what happens when the service doesn't meet expectations four years ago, when the Medicare "annual wellness visit" was unveiled. As I described it in the AARP bulletin in 2011, "The annual wellness visit can be performed without the patient ever having to undress, and that sums up the problem," which was that patients expected more.

Add to that the assumption that there will be many blood tests ordered, EKGs done, etc. at this visit. Plus, many employee wellness programs have incentives based on getting a "yearly" exam, which complicates matters further.

So even if we're right, how do we make our case?