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Lead Moderator

I want to thank our guests for a a truly insightful conversation. I know I will be referring to much of the advice shared over the last 9 days as I make these transitions. For the final question, I want to revisit a transition from the first day of our conversation. When I asked about the most difficult transition, several guests mentioned moving from residency to research in fellowship. Dr. Frank made the encouraging observation that it may seem like your peers pursuing "straight clinical or research pathway[s] [are] ahead of you, but [he has] always found that talented physician-scientists can catch up and excel in both spheres".

For this final discussion, what advice would you give to residents (and soon to be residents) on how to "catch up and excel in both spheres" as they navigate the transition back to research in fellowship? How early do you need to start preparing for that transition? Are there any common pitfalls trainees should take care to avoid?