Question normal

I appreciate the forum and effort that all the contributors have put forth. I am especially interested in the forum because I am having such a hard time finding a job that fits my career goals after finishing and MD-PhD and residency/fellowship in urologic oncology at really good places to train with awards and pubs to boot. The academic job market for GU scientists has been very disappointing. Hospitals/chairmen/departments increasingly and understandably focus on the bottom line. I keep hearing that research doesn't pay. No one can pony up for a startup and I am unfortunately not K-competitive yet. I understand that AMCs have an obligation to keep the lights on and me being in the OR helps achieve that goal, but I also have to believe that if research didn't pay then no one would be doing it. I am of course still chasing down any and all leads, but at some point life has to start for my family. I also came too far to give up now. What to do?