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A 54-year-old Black woman presents with concerns about hair loss. She states that it began roughly 6 years ago as a small patch of hair loss with scale, occasional itch, and tenderness. The hair loss gradually worsened, and the site developed a burning and itchy sensation when exposed to the sun. She reports having tried various over-the-counter medicated shampoos and hair-loss treatments, including salicylic acid shampoo, sulfur shampoo, and topical minoxidil, but did not notice any improvement. She also reports occasional fatigue and joint pains but is otherwise in good health.

Based on the photograph and history, what is the most likely diagnosis?
A. Atopic dermatitis
B. Discoid lupus
C. Lichen planopilaris
D. Tinea capitis
E. Traction alopecia

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