Question special

A 29-year-old woman presents to clinic with the lesions shown above, which started 1 day ago. She reports that the individual lesions are transient, lasting no more than 2 hours, and resolve without skin changes. However, the lesions continue to come and go across her arms and trunk and are itchy. She experienced a headache right before the lesions started but feels otherwise well; the headache resolved with ibuprofen. She has a history of systemic lupus erythematosus but has been stable for several years while taking hydroxychloroquine. She reports no recent sick contacts or other recent illnesses.

What is the diagnosis?
A. Urticarial vasculitis
B. Morbilliform drug eruption
C. Urticaria
D. Erythema multiforme
E. Urticarial phase of bullous pemphigoid

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