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Chief Resident

Since the pandemic beginning, different papers have showed different results about a systematic anticoagulation to COVID-19 patients. Some months ago we discussed an article from Lopes et al ( They did a multicentre, randomised controlled trial in Brasil comparing therapeutic anticogulation using Rivaroxaban in stable patients or Enoxaparin/Heparin at anticoagulation dosage in unstable patients. They compared it vs. standard prophylaxis in their center. They did not find any improvement in clinical outcomes.

It has been difficult for us to take a "side" about this. We have tried to take a consensus about this and design a local guideline in order to use a standard treatment in our hospital. It is difficult to have a real evidence-based opinion with this overwhelming number of sometimes contradictory studies. Understanding than every article have their strength and limitations, in your daily practice, Do you use systematic anticoagulation to moderate COVID-19 patients? Ofc, if I have a patient with, lets say gastrointestinal bleeding risk factors, I would not use anticoagulation as my first choice, but what about the very common number of cases of otherwise healthy patients with moderate COVID?