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Day 9: In the mobile dispatch paper, In the 65% of the OHCA where volunteers tried to reach the patient, what percentage could not find the patient? It only mentions that in 23% of the OHCA, the trained volunteer reached the patient before the arrival of the EMS or first responders. There is a comment that “in this study, the mobile-phone positioning system was functional when either first responders... or an ambulance that was first to arrive on the scene had relatively short response times.” Geolocation using mobile GPS is not very accurate when it comes to indoor spaces and from discussion with Boston EMS, they often have to rely on the caller giving clues to the dispatcher of their exact location. This is problematic if you are trying to coordinate and direct emergency responders and volunteers to the site of the OHCA as well as to the location of an AED. What solutions do you see to these issues?