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From my understanding, parts of the 2002 AHA/ACC guidelines on lowering cholesterol used treatment targets. The recommendation was to maintain LDL levels below 100mg/dL, preferably below 70mg/dL. This changed with the 2013 guidelines, and the focus shifted away from treatment target levels to an emphasis on a patient’s cardiovascular risk profile. Statins have a greater potential benefit in high-risk patients for heart attack or stroke prevention.

IMROVE-IT showed that when ezetimibe was added to statins, incremental LDL cholesterol lowering was seen, as well as improved cardiovascular outcomes. There was also additional benefit of lowering LDL cholesterol below pervious target levels.

Do the findings of this study more strongly support one set of guidelines over another? How might this study influence future guidelines?
Lastly, is there anything you believe should be addressed in future guidelines?

Please feel free to respond to any part of this question. Thank you!